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eMuseum of Sport

Make history and leave your mark on sport and society! Expose your company in virtual galleries, support social projects and Inspire sports practices in the eMuseum of Sport

Learn more about the benefits

Transform your brand into a legacy for sport and society with the eMuseum of Sport! With the creation of an Interactive Wagon and a Virtual eMuseum, your brand will be present at the entrance to the museum and in virtual galleries of different sports. In addition, you will be able to expose your company's institutional investment in communities transformed by its social projects in an exclusive gallery.

The Sports eMuseum offers direct contact with the public, surveys with segmented audiences and encouragement to practice sports, making it an unmissable attraction for any visitor profile.
And best of all: The platform isfree for the society!


Don't miss the opportunity to make history and leave your mark on the world of sport, while supporting social and cultural projects. Take advantage of the chance to generate income and grant scholarships to students who provide services to the project. Join us and be part of this initiative that digitizes and preserves historical heritage, inspiring sports and transforming lives!

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+ 12 million

people reached

BRL 10,000,000.00

Projects approved through incentive laws

+ than 50

partnerships established


The eMuseu is a collaborative virtual platform for creating virtual museums, galleries and virtual exhibitions, enabling the population to have an immersive and interactive experience, with access to the collections of companies and entities that invest in culture, education, the environment and sport. Currently, the initiative has a reach of more than 9 million people in its eight created galleries and seven virtual exhibitions. The eMuseum already has a museum with nine galleries launched and numerous temporary exhibitions.
Fencer Gallery
fencing gallery.png
Fencer Gallery
fencing gallery.png
Fencer Gallery
Discussion of the Olympic Games
surf gallery.png
Surf Gallery
tv_vestiario_1280 X 720.jpg
Chapecoense Gallery
Grêmio Gallery
Brazilian Basketball Confederation Gallery
Brazilian Table Tennis Confederation Gallery
Brazilian Canoeing Confederation Gallery
Brazilian Master Sports Gallery
Brazilian Paralympic Committee Gallery
Military Sports Gallery
International Museum of Sport Gallery
Enel Distribuidora Rio Gallery
Brazilian Olympic Committee Gallery
Brazilian Athletics Confederation Gallery
Vasco da Gama Regatta Club Gallery
Fortaleza Esporte Clube Gallery
images (1).jpg
Juventude Sports Club Gallery
Pele 80 years
Maracanã 70 years
Sport Reinvention 1
Sport Reinvention 2
Science at the 1970 World Cup
Olympic and Paralympic 1
Olympic and Paralympic 2
Physical Education Professionals
From the Rio Olympics to Tokyo, Eternal Glory
Discussion of the Olympic Games
Sport Reinvention 1
Sport Reinvention 2
Discussion of the Olympic Games
Children, young people, teenagers, adults, seniors, people with disabilities; public and private school teachers and students; all social classes and genders. As the project is virtual, it has an international scope.
Provide entertainment, culture and education, through technology and innovation, in order to engage the entire population to actively collaborate for the creation of national memory through the creation of virtual museums, galleries and virtual exhibitions, with national reach fostering the spirit belonging to the whole country.
Highlight the value of collaboration through the creation of virtual museums; rescue and preserve intangible heritage through the construction of a system of connectivity between society and the community, engaging people and brands; promote social inclusion and national/international engagement through digital media; take multimedia content and rare pieces to the public, encouraging the preservation of the environment by being online; promote qualification, since the project will grant scholarships to university students – thus supporting innovation and social entrepreneurship; encourage the democratization of access to cultural goods, developing public education for visual arts with the interactive exhibition; provide the public with the opportunity to immerse themselves in history, through testimonials.
Superar Institute
Marketing Management
FIBA Intercontinental CUP
Lighting, sound, narration and all entertainment.
Copa America Brazil 2019
Entertainment management of the competition held in Brazil by Conmebol.
Organizing Committee of the Pan-Master Games 2020
Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Participation in the Organizing Committee of the Pan American Master Games 2020 that will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Entertainment management of the competition held by the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee.
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